Nautische termen

We’re not really not talking about the vehicles today. But the dutch word for “boat” is pretty much said the same, only written as boot.
The same maritime history also lead to private corporations owning colonies and all the “fun” which comes with that.

uitgebreide = extensive
geschiedenis = history (“historie” works as well)
tevens = additionally / furthermore
termen = terms
het Nederlands = Dutch (as in the language as a noun)
het Engels = English (again, the language as a noun)
opgenomen = incorporated / included
zoals = such as / like (when starting a list, not as in a social media favourite)
jacht = yacht (literally “hunt”, since yachts were originally light and fast sail ships to hunt enemies, like pirates)
maalstroom = whirlpool or maelstrom (archaic spelling, literally “malen” (to grind) + “stroom” (stream))
kielhalen = keelhauling (a punishment where the victim was dragged underneath the hull on a ship, “kiel” = keel (a stabilising fin underneath a ship) + “halen” (to drag, to haul))
schipper = skipper (commander of a ship (Dutch: “schip”) Hope this helps!

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